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Looking back my first experience with sports hypnosis and mental training came in 1999. My Senior Babe Ruth team played in World Series (our team lost to current NY Yankees Assistant Hitting Coach P.J. Pellitere). After the game my mom asked me “What was it like to hear 5,000 people cheering for me?” My honest answer was “I didn’t hear anything”. I had such a skill to tune out non-important sounds and it shocked me that not everyone else could do that.

So how did I become a hypnotist? Well it’s not nuclear science! What I mean by that is my previous career in engineering brought me to standing within 25 feet from the head of a nuclear reactor. It was the coolest moment of my life and I NEVER want to do that again! 

So when I got back to the hotel at 3-am I found an amazing video on YouTube with Derren Brown doing a demonstration on pain being subjective. In the video he has a person hypnotized on stage and places a needle through the back of their hand and the guy didn’t feel it!

At the time, I didn’t like needles so I searched Google for the “magic words to hypnotize someone” and the more I kept reading it was just based upon normal suggestions I kept getting aggravated. In fact, I got so angry that I signed up for a hypnosis training before I left that hotel! The rest they say is history.

Since becoming a hypnotist I’ve worked with all types of people who wanted to overcome all different types of problems. Some of the more common ones are weight loss, quitting smoking, reducing stress/anxiety, managing pain and overcoming fears.

Far and away my favorite type of people to work with are athletes who want to take their games to the next level! From eliminating fears, to creating confidence, to controlling your emotions.

Feel free to reach out to me I’d love to help you out!

About Our Show

This all came to fruition out of a need to better serve what I believe is a truly under-served market. High School and College Athletes who are looking for mental training. I noticed 3 major issues preventing these athletes from receiving mental skills training.

1) The school or team did not know this type of training was available

2) The school/team did not see the value of mental training

3) The school/team did not have the funds to hire a mental skills trainer

But that all left the most important person out of the equation. The Athlete themselves.

I found most athletes were really interested in mental training. Additionally they had a couple more hurdles. Not all of the athletes had the access or money to afford mental training in private.

So here’s MY solution to that problem. The Next Level Sports Podcast! Where I will not only teach mental skills and techniques but I will also bring on guest to share their wisdom.

Some shows will be all about mental techniques. Others will be more motivational and inspirational. Other shows will cover topics of the life challenges that high school/college athletes could potentially have to deal with.

I want you to enjoy this free resource and the greatest compliment you could give me is to share an episode with someone you know could benefit from listening.



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