Episode # 3 of the Next Level Sports Podcast is Eaglemoon Raes! Our conversation is about subliminal recordings to help improve your game and sooo much more!!!

Eaglemoon has studied and is currently a licensed Avatar® Master and Wizard. In addition, she has been trained as a Usui and karuna® Reiki Master/teacher, a holographic healer, a guided self-healing practitioner, an EFT practitioner, and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Although she has received certification in many modalities life has been her greatest teacher to date. When you put it all together, she calls herself a “journey-woman”.

Eaglemoon has been the host of many radio shows including “What’s the Point” on WHUS – 91.7FM, in Storrs, Connecticut. In 2006 she produced four journey CDS; Parenting ~ Surrender Step into the Flow, and Recreate Your Image, Self Love ~ Remember to Love, and Teens ~ Your Masterpiece Your Life. Eaglemoon is the author of Mother~Wife~Visionary, Finding Love in the Rubble of Life and the forthcoming book Sideline Support. She is the creator of the six-week workshop “Unleash Your Power” and the four-week “Uncover Your Financial Blueprint” workshops.

Eaglemoon produces a powerful transformational program called Uniquely Yours™ which are customized subliminal hypnosis audio programs. Although originally designed for TEENS people of all ages love them. AJ Pollack was the recipiant of Eaglemoon’s first Uniquely Yours™ CD.

Eaglemoon is passionate about exploring consciousness. She encourages clients to continue moving forward, growing and evolving, into their fullest potential. She can be reached at eaglemoon.raes@iclous.com and her website is: www.eaglemoon-raes.com

show notes:

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