001 Lauren Abarca – Fear & Routines in Minor League Baseball

Welcome to the first “real” episode of the Next Level Sports Podcast! My guest today is Lauren Abarca, Mental Conditioning Coordinator from the New York Yankees.

Today’s episode we will talk about the roles of fear, routines, and confidence inside minor league baseball.

Lauren Abarca’s career trajectory is dynamic and strongly focused on pushing the limits of high mental performance. Lauren is an experienced soccer player who competed for the University of San Francisco and Point Loma Nazarene University. In this time she completed her B.A. in Kinesiology with a Minor in Psychology. As a former collegiate athlete, Lauren acquired a passion for improving sports performance through mental strengthening. Lauren went on to receive her Master’s in Performance Psychology from National University. Now, Lauren is continuing her passion for improving performance by working with elite level athletes including professional and Olympic and holds the title of Mental Conditioning Coordinator with the New York Yankees.

The BEST way to follow Lauren is on Instagram @laurennabarca

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The theme show for this podcast is “Brass Bonanza” by the Zambonis from their album “Five Minute Major (In D Minor)” and is used with written permission from the band.


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